Tipping Guides


2 out of 10 (20% so not bad actually).
What you want the guy to move away from his playstation completely?
I've been anxiously awaiting the pen-ultimate guide to tipping.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to track down every server I've ever tipped 18% for their good service and nice attitude.
I love how tipping inches up higher and higher every few years. Soon it'll just double the cost of the meal.
Cheapskate. Twenty is the new fifteen.
15% is just fine.
When the minimum wage goes up to 15 dollars an hour will we still have to tip 20%?
Here's a tip: everything I say about 5% of the time is almost 2% true, accurate and what I believe. The other 88% of the time, I say the first thing that comes to mind, and is most likely a lie. Then the last 21%, I pray that chicken wings don't catch fire.
I am going to begin tipping full price in other currencies that are valued at a fraction of US dollars. Good service? A lucky waitress may see some Danish Krone or Croatian Kuna coming her way. Mediocre? Probably expect a pile of Argentinian Pesos or Botswana Pula. Sucked ass? It's the Kazakhstani Tenge for you.
Didn't damosa cover this one in 2012?
I pretty much agree with you I/anon on your scale, except Bad service/attitude might require a "dine and dash", been known to do that, back when I could "dash", but bad service was just the way I salved my conscience after skipping, really I was too broke or too drunk.

I have always been a plus tipper, not taking a bow though, I'm cheap in other ways. It has always bugged me that the restaurant industry has the public pay a good chunk of the labor costs. If I could believe they kept their prices down to the quick to compete, that's a crock. It goes like this...we're a pretty busy place..we'll pay (what's he got a mouse in his pocket?) you $1 an hour, you rent and launder your goofy looking uniform..in a lady's case, that is so short and low cut, you'll catch a cold when the air is on. In your free time you can scrub counter tops, sweep floors, polish silverware, rub down the leather booths and scrub the mop boards on your hands and knees with a toothbrush. If the health and sanitation board would let him get away with it, you'd be cleaning the bathrooms too. Oh yeah let's not forget, you have to pick up your skimpy butt- squat check at 7:00 a.m. on a morning you don't have to come in and were on the clock till 11:00 pm the night before but didn't get out before 2:00 a.m after clean up and, oh yes cashing out and sharing your measly tips with the hostess that's banging the manager. ENOUGH ENOUGH, I've got to go take a nap. Later taters.
I think Anon is confusing his hookers with his restaurant servers.