To the Douches Driving with Studded Tires


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Burst Into Flames sounds like an awesome metal song.
Amen!!!! Personally, I wish all the studs would come loose and shoot through the under carriage of the car and tear up the drivers groins like shrapnel.
Wow, it's a good thing they didn't have studded horse shoes back when "Big Irons" were worn on the hip. You comment taters's ancestors would have nailed some douche bag trail "fraggers", but no doubt killed some great loyal horses. Yeah, studded tires are annoying, but don't overkill, get a grip or just stay home and grip what's handy.
You know, this is OREGON. Where most of anything outside of the metro area is RURAL. Studded tires make sense, and hey guess what there is a legal limit on when you can drive with them! So there is a whole system set up to deal with that.

So stop bitching you TIREsome fuck.

As of April 1, it'a a $190 ticket for those who persist in keeping those studded tires on their car. The problem is seasonal Anon, and ending tomorrow. You can relax now.
What was I doing the second week of February this year in Portland?

Everything I normally do, plus running errands for homebound friends and neighbors, and leaving lots of room between my studded tired vehicle and all the people who think they know how to drive in the snow.
It's hard to take this rant seriously when I'm listening to NKOTB "Please Don't Go Girl"