Don't Tip the Bucket Drummers


"any douchebag who plays percussive instruments for long periods of time"

like Neil Pert?
Please don't speak on "behalf" of locals. Bitching over street musicians is beyond lame.
So chasing that noisy dude off the street is on...your...bucket...list?
Instead of painting the subject of your vitriol as exploitative, why don't you propose a solution to help end homelessness?

"Blah blah blah I hate poor people, blah blah blah they ruined my nice view on my waddle to Starbucks from my cushy desk job blah blah blah"
-Everyone that has ever bitched about panhandlers, street kids, performers etc. EVER.

Oh, okay.
He may be violating the noise ordinance. You should report him and see what happens. If not, then get the biggest employee there to fuck off. You have as much right to work in peace than he has to play buckets on the sidewalk. Also, refuse to serve him. You "reserve the right" I take it.
Drum circles are nuts, and for the nutty, and nutless, and drives people to the limits of coconuts.

If they don't tip you, and they are being complete cheap nutfucks, then give them a 25% spit up on their French fries. Ya dig.
I feel your pain anon. I doubt this thumper has a wife and three hungry kids. If he does, he's got them working other corners less cozy than his. I'm convinced, if I'd started street hawking after the the service, I could tell Social Security," give the check to a more needy soul". Hey, come-on couldn't he find a hungry harmonicat to assist, but Nooooo then he wouldn't be the star.

You had me at "he doesn't tip". I hope you merchants get an injunction on his ass.
I wish this post was about "Bucket Dumpers." I bet there are plenty of those downtown too.
Goddamnit, whatever happened to Mr. Statue?
What's more annoying? Bucket drummers or "Food Network Featured eateries"?
Thomas is the best bucket drummer in the city... making a tax-free living. You just mad that you're paying taxes.
Gosh I hate to be serious here but...
For me I have busked and not busked. I never lived in a place where a busker played badly, for long periods of time, the same songs over and over without reprieve. I once lived in a place where at Christmas time, the merchant across the street played Christmas music from 9am till 6pm every day for a month. I seemed like every 12th song was always Feliz Navidad. This is a nice song and Jose Feliciano does and excellent job but at the end of the 5 week sentence I was going a little mad.
But the last thing that came to mind was to complain. Why? Because the neighborhood was a bit noisy and I knew that going in, so what is the point of being an asshole.
If the neighborhood is loud to begin with then don't go there if you don;t want to be near it. Pick a house a block or 2 in from the noise.
However if your quiet neighborhood suddenly gets invaded, then you might have a point.
20 dislikes? You fucks really hate poor people.