So Occupy Portland, What About #WAVE OF ACTION?


You had the lime light, the numbers and the justified anger, and you ruined a park. Better get that ball rolling again. It's the process that counts right? Way to raise awareness. Like the rest of us are just totally unaware. We know, but your Ron Paul, anarchists, better bigger government signs are confusing and occupy isn't doing shit for anyone.
Occupy? You mean the shanty town of IV drug users that caused $85,000 of damage to a public park? The violent street kids who threatened paramedics trying to save the life of someone who was overdosing in the "heroin tent"? The "movement" that lacked direction from day one, apart from bullshit grandstanding by a bunch of middle-class white kids playing anarchist? The steaming pile of nuisance that did nothing but waste city resources and undermine any sort of reasonably expressed critique of the financial crisis?

Pretty sure that they just pocketed all the money that idiots donated to them and ran off somewhere to get high.

Anything labeled "occupy" in this town has worn out its welcome for a long, long time. Boo hoo hoo. Now fuck off back to Indymedia, you spoiled little piece of shit.
There is no fighting the plutocracy. They have won. They have pitted us against eachother while they swim in the profit from our pain. Want a meaningful march? Millions should choke Washington D.C. and fill the halls of the Capital. Oh and Chunty: There are real people struggling, many millions; don' t pretend that teachers, factory workers, moms and dads and seniors, veterans and other good people weren't out there as well. I understand you unquestioningly worship your corporate masters and every unfortunate soul looks like your idea of a parasite, but that is YOUR delusion to deal with. Get a clue.
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Probably one of those hipster jackasses I see with a chain wallet at Bank of America everyday.

I suggest you do what your parents did... Go to a credit union!!!!
Triple question mark, mark, mark. Calling all cars, calling all cars. City (and/or state), city, city, city, "The Biggest Little City in the World", state, city, city, county (or is it cunty?), burning, the 4th Reich, Blade Runner, bla, bla, bla. And as far as Albuquerque: I think officer misconduct... err brutality comes to mind. Comma, words, comma, words, bla, bla, bla - you obviously read this over a few times and reveled in your superiority; and I'm oh so glad you were there to enlighten us, oh wise sage, you. Fuck, I can't waste another second on this so I'll just get to our sponsor, Dog Assassin: "When you can't bear to put him to sleep, maybe it's time to call "Dog Assassin." Dog Assassin.
If the current Occupy Brass due to ineptness "step aside", might that be YOU who takes over? What's your first move, "burn down the Reichstag"? I'm sure if we all Jackboot around, screaming, smashing, intimidating weaker folks and oh yeah let's not forget pissing and shitting everywhere, molesting girls and guys young and old, dogs squirrels and roosters, Wall Street will collapse and the poor, homeless and downtrodden will prevail. I'll tell you who you want to prevail. (Just YOU and your own damn self). Don't use us as your blocking force to get your tired ass on Howard Stern, Bill Maher or Russell Brand's show. Occupy This! schmuck face.
Yeah- fuck those corporate wallstreet bankster dickheads let's burn this motherfucker to the ground!!1! I've been tasing myself in the balls every day for the last 18 months just waiting for my Twitter to blow up when it's time to ROLL!!!1!

*rubs pepper spray on gums until face goes numb*
Once was more than enough of this stupidity.
Did they ever pay for screwing up the park, as they promised?
Ahh, just more words from them.
That's a lotta commas, you commanist.
This "action" you speak of wouldn't include a whole lotta "hanging around in a park doing jack shit for a month" would it?
"otherwise step aside and let others take the lead"

A true leader does not wait for someone to "let" them take the lead.
If the folks suggesting this want to organize, get permits, and run a proper protest - I'm all for it. I've marched in several myself.

If they think they are too special to require a permit, have a right to seize and damage public property, close any street at their will, and generally act like spoiled, childish, dipshits - I hope PPB is allowed to roll out and "Go Roman" on their asses.

Just because you believe in your cause does not give you the right to disrupt everyone else's lives.
I'ANON, your point is valid and you are preaching to the choir in my case. I believe protest in a non-violent, orderly way is our hope. Somehow the change does not come with hypodermic needles, trash and filth left behind in the parks and streets. What message does that give, really? Do you want your children to do the same?

Your Occupy movement or whatever could use some new tactics, and does need to open their ears and eyes to the examples of true causes that brought about change.

The Freedom Riders were a wonderful example of non-violent protestors that brought about tremendous change, the protestors paid a price and were willing to die for their cause.

Your cause to rally the troops will fall on deaf ears if you don't get it right. Their are so many good people in Portland that have proven to be some of the greatest protestors. The first state to give women the right to vote. Did you forget?
Also worth noting: when people following Gandhi and MLK stopped working, entire economies came to a halt. That brings change. A bunch of people who weren't really doing much in the first place though; that's a different pot of stew.
@Rich spoilers damn it!
@Jarhead....seems reasonable to me