On a scale of 1 to 10 i rate this I,A about a 2
You couldn't have done much alone since they were with their Klan. It is sad to think these people live here. Try to focus on your inner bravery and reality of the situation.

They are throw backs to what their families instilled in them.
Hatred in all forms. Peace!!!!!!
You did the right thing, and you are a nice guy.

When you get into a possible confrontation, you have to make a split second decision. The women were not in danger (but you were observing the situation). The bigots may have been high on meth or steroids or otherwise willing to get violent. Maybe it was your spidey-sense that said now was not the time to whup their ass.

Quite likely you improved the situation for the women.
And you did not wimp out.

Be smart. Be kind. You are both.
Dude, I feel the same way when I'm on the east-side in some hipster joint listening to a crowd of white kids talk about what black people like, or how Asians are good at math, or assuming the person working who looks Latino/a must work in the kitchen.... Usually calling people out on this gets you called a buzzkill, but whatever.

Also, when someone calls me a faggot on the street being the better person is cool and all, but sometimes, yelling back at them feel REALLY good too.
Calling out bigots is fun, but it's definitely smart to avoid doing so in situations which will inevitably lead to getting beat down by drunken rednecks.
Except this particular Seattle-ite ('Pike and Broadway'?) points out that the person doing the yelling was "ethnic," and the two people walking in front of them weren't with anyone "of color."
So what the hell am I supposed to take away from this poorly-explained thing here? That "the ethnics" are engaged in what sounds like absurdist theater each and every day in downtown Seattle?
^Apparently my brain turned "Pike" into "Pine" because Portland.
Aaand this is a repost from The Stranger. Super lame, Steve Hump.…
The title should have been "I decided to go join my friend for dinner."
So apparently this letter took place in Seattle since this same rant was in the Stranger, but I must say I've witnessed a crazy amount of racism in Seattle. Once I was leaving Pike Market and there at the main entrance was some old guy screaming the n-word at the top of his lungs, over and over. Just spewing it out in the most venomous and hateful way.. Like Michael Richards turned up to 11. People were going about their business like it was nothing.
I love the 2nd, 3rd and fourth comments. Such the white guilt.

assisse, mental illness, it's a thing
Hey buddy, you know that there is more than one kind of bigotry, right? Like how you've started calling me "bitch" ever since you found out about my gender is kinda bigoty. I call you out, bigot! Race isn't a part of it.
At this pace, this stupid rant should hit the anonymous blog of some rag in Duluth, MN by the end June.
So this is what happens when you go "on vacation" eh Humphrey? Seattle reposts? Lame