LOL if you think that whoever's couch you'll be sleeping on doesn't pay any of those taxes, either directly or through their rent.
2 possible scenarios here...

1. Painfully obvious trolling attempt, or

2. This person is a festering maggot-filled pile of hippo shit.
Does promote the Portland summer busking scene in other parts of the country?
If you don't pay the Arts Tax, a Jackson Pollock impersonator tracks you down and drips boiling-hot paint all over you.
Yeah, apparently under-the-table work is a bit problematic once you go looking for a big kid job. The whole "no apparent work history" thing... hope you never need to retire or collect unemployment, either! Those funds won't be there for you.
Fake, of course you'll ride your bike from California to be really green.
Also... under the table tax-free means you make less than $500 a year... awkward.
This I, Anon brought to you by An Arts and Hopefully a Sales Tax Someday Advocate.
Obviously fake, but actually true. I never thought about, but this guy/girl is right; you can live here tax-free if you play your cards right. Weird and sad, but mostly sad.
I love elitist idiots who think renters are tax dodgers...

Gee, I can't possibly imagine how landlords pay their property taxes. What source of money do they get (on a regular basis) that could possibly allow them to afford to pay this exotic and mysterious fee? Someone help me out here, I just can't understand how they do it...
Troll trolls.
This shit is exactly why we can't fund our schools. Not because of tax evasion, but because of the mentality that taxes are just there as a means of governmental punishment or something -- it's not like they actually pay for services or things that benefit our daily lives or anything.

Then again, if you went to school in Portland, you probably never learned about how public services get funded, since there wasn't a budget for that. Very chicken/egg.
Lars Larson, you are going to need a big ass couch to support that belly....
Troll. Funny though. If serious, you probably are stupid and naive enough to fit in with your transplant friends
Bad news anon :( I just learned they paved Paradise and put up a parking lot........