That's idiotic! You'd "just bought" the wire cutters? You should ALWAYS carry a pair of wire cutters in case something like that happens.
Then I uhhh...then I punched him in the face! And cut off his head with my brand new katana! Yeah, that's what happened! Take that guy at the bus stop!
I'Anon, this story is unreal. Hope your foot is fine. Bet you had to go to the emergency room for stitches. Your amazing.
Yes, it certainly is an UN-real story.
Didn't happen.
I could see all of that happening except for the last bit.
So you disabled a disabled person? Umm.....
If this did happen, fucking up their "Mobility" scooter was sweet revenge!!!!

The more likely scenario is that the author actually snipped the tubing to their colostomy bag or urinary catheter by mistake and got covered in feces or piss. So to act tough, they made this post.
So you know how on the bus there is the priority seating area, where you're supposed to make room for disabled people should they board the bus? And you know all those parking places for disabled people? While there might not be a designated area for the disabled in all arenas, it IS considered decent etiquette to make room for the disabled, even where there isn't a sign telling your dumb ass to do so.

As i recall, BOTH of the 75 stops at Hollywood have other covered areas (even the one on the side of the transit center is by a building with an overhang, if you just walk a couple feet), which you could have politely moved to.

As for the mechanics of how this went down, I refuse to believe that you weren't able to step aside in the time it took this person to "bust a 180" and roll over your foot. In fact, I'm willing to believe that they did it deliberately to teach you a lesson about making room for the disabled. I guess they had to settle for your (very satisfying) outrage, since you're unwilling to learn.
Way to go asshole.

That motorized wheelchair is technically medical equipment and therefore subject to laws governing the unreasonable and exponential inflation of all products or services provided by a Medical Retail Corporation. That wire is going to cost $84,372 after the copay deductible and medicaid coupons.
While the wire cutting is suspect... the part of the entitled, pigheaded differently abled person is probably not...

I thoroughly enjoy getting run off the sidewalk by people in electric-chair, it's cool how THEY can't make room for ANYONE, but PERISH THE THOUGHT an abled person may want to not be run over or pushed out of the way further, after already make room.
So for some reason to this Anon speaking up and saying something to the person in the wheelchair was unacceptable "because wheelchair!," but snipping that wire was totally okay?
Whoa! Look at all the down votes! This comment thread is officially being picketed by the AAPD!
🍭muchos gnomos amigos.
special seat in hell for you....but you probably don't mind.
Total dickhead move. Buy him an nue gen exoskeleton with conection to Internet and call it even.
There is no smoking within 10 (not sure the exact distance) feet of bus shelters. Is that a rule some don't have to follow?
It doesn't matter that there is no smoking within 10 feet of bus shelters, or that there is no smoking at all on the MAX platforms, everyone still smokes. Out of the 15 people I saw waiting for the MAX at the 60th Ave. station this morning I counted no less than half of them were smoking.

As to the motorized belligerence expressed in this I,Anon I've seen it plenty of times and a lot of it firsthand. If I was stuck in a wheelchair I'd probably be pissed at the world a little as well.