Scalpers—You Know You're Awful


YEAH! I hope that scalper stubs his toe which causes an owie. Then I hope he has a mild allergy attack and sneezes a few times. Take that!
On a scale of 1 to 10.. 2
The Doug Fir usually holds extras at the door, even for sold out shows. This is a great practice.

Sucks when they don't.
While these scalpers seem particulary slimy, consumers are partially to blame for this. If fans refuse to pay these outrageous prices, the scalpers are left holding the bag.

The closer you get to show time, the more the prices plunge. That's your only recourse.

I used to say that I'd blow someone for a Radiohead ticket, then I saw tix going for $300 for a lawn seat at White Rive Amphitheatre. I'm proud to say I'm still a virgin in my mouth.
We've covered this. Do try to keep up.…
Don't buy for them, even if that means missing a show. I can't believe how big a pushover people become when they want to see a show and just whip out their wallets unfailingly...

Whine all you want, but you're validating what they're doing.

You'll survive if you don't go, I promise you.
Eeehh, not me. I'll lie cheat and steal to get into a show. You can understand why.
Shark attack is right Anon. You're all steamed up, then you want to get revenge by "inconveniencing" him? That could be hoping he doesn't get enough sugar in his coffee twice a week. Also you say he's PART of the problem. Sure fans paying spiked prices contributes to the dilemma, but they wouldn't be a factor, if the scalper hadn't done his deed. (Sorry to be always male accusatory. I know women scalp too). There's another culprit, we shouldn't let off the hook. Shouldn't there be a limit on the number of tickets one party can purchase. My God that would be anti-capitalist wouldn't it? (Pinko, commie, socialist, Bolshevik).

A word off the subject. I'mrightyou'rewrong, when you coming off "time-out"? Do you have a robot filling in for you, while you're away? What's with the grading system all the time? I miss your wit and wisdom. There, I've kissed your ass. Come on back to the party.
Medicated Marine is right. The only justice recognized at I, A involves poop.
Or coming in someone's lobster bisque.