To Die or Not to Die


I think we're kindred spirits.
I wish I had a magic wand and could make you feel better IA.
No that it will make everything better, but sometimes cutting the cord on one-sided relationships can be liberating. In your case it may be piling onto your depression having to maintain friendships with people that won't make the effort to reciprocate.

That said, I'm sure there's much more going on that's feeding your depression. Just know that world will NOT be better off without you.

If we could get rid of Putin and other brutal dictators, that would make the world better, but I hope you try to tough it out and turns things around for yourself.

Good luck!!!
I am sorry. Maybe a geographic change might help. Along with talk therapy or other changes. I think that you should hold on because, believe it or not, your best day is still to be had.
There's a lot this world offers, IAnon, so keep existing!

To shake a current rut, maybe cultivate a hobby or do some volunteering for a cause that intrigues you that your current circle of friends don't really participate in. If you find something you really like to do, you will find satisfaction and be exposed to a different group of people who may be more reciprocal and enjoy your company as much as you enjoy theirs.
Don't go where you're not invited...

...and i don't mean to a friend's house, or something; i mean to the afterlife. You're not invited yet. Stay out. We'll all be (compulsorily) invited there soon enough, but to show up at that doorstep before your time is not cool.

Keep your head up. This, too, shall pass. You're so young. Believe it or not, things could be so much worse -- there are people out there that would kill to have as good of a life as you do. Try to realize this. Some people are slaves. Some have had their loved ones raped and murdered in front of them. Some have extreme physical and/or mental deformities that draw stares and jeers everywhere they go.

This doesn't mean that your problems are any less real or painful; it just means that you should keep trying. If you do, soon you'll find yourself in a spot where you're enjoying your existence, where you can look back on this chapter of your life and be happy and proud that you toughed it out.

Time (and reflection) heals all.
I think you have the wrong column. You're looking for The Stranger's Sad Seattleite Suicide blog.
Sk8 or diiiiiiiiie! No really, don't die, we can go skating together and then I'll buy you ice cream and I'll introduce you to The Smiths first via wikipedia and via Youtube andt you'll see why sometimes is a lot better to be alone but you won't be anymore becuz you'll have a skating buddy.
No! Find something, anything become passionate about it. Be horrible at it until your not. Fuck other people. Hanging out isn't what makes living worth it. Make your mark. If you do this then people will find you worth being around.
See what voting down does to people!? ):
You cannot ever totally rely on people, it is just a reality. So find something that YOU are interested in or have a passion. That is a start. If you feel the medication is not helping you cope, PLEASE GET HELP. PLEASE. There is nothing wrong with that, also be strong. The small group of people you know do not comprise the world, which will not be "better without you". Expand your boundaries and be strong, good luck to you
I don't mean to be trite, but why don't you stick with us here. Open up a Merc account, pick out a cool name and have fun commentatering, ranting, ragging, blogging and bitching. We're a pretty good group of nuts. I doubt you'll want to hang with us, Good God, but then you'll know you're all right, 'cause nobody wants to go through that torture. None of us want to hang with each other, but we wake up early (well early for night crawlers like us) just to see what's cooking at the Merc. Reading Blogtown is a gas too. Doing this your problems won't go away, but you'll see they'll diminish quite a bit. "You don't need no ticket, jus git ooon'Board".
^dunno about that. Some commenters are hell bent on being aggro harsh....

Maybe Friendster or okcupidd.

Or ????