Put Down the Haterade and Sip on This...


I tried it once, and didn't work. Three baristas moved because of that "nice I,Anonymous"
So we're supposed to change the way we enjoy things because you don't like it? Hmm...

Honestly, I'm annoyingly happy when the sun comes out to stay. 'til then, I get my kicks wherever I can.
I'll tell you what you can do with that fresh papaya
Wow, what an incredibly enlightened attitude. This coming from someone who moved away to a place with unlimited sunlight and cocaine.

Bravely done!!!

"I'm not always an amazingly hypocritical doucherocket, but when I am, I write to the I,Anon blog in Portland from Panama."
Go metaphric yourself. And enjoy the malaria.
Translation: "I read this RANT BLOG and it was just a bunch of people ranting about, like, negative things, man. Why doesn't anyone ever rant about nice things? They all need to go read a self-help book and have a life-changing-experience abroad."

And... astrology? Really? That's what you're bringing to the table? I'm not even gonna touch it.

I think you're looking for the raves blog, dude.
Oh man you live in panama!

Jump back, what's that sound ? Here she comes, full blast and top down.
Hot shoe, burnin' down the avenue. Model citizen zero discipline
Don't you know she's coming home with me?
You'l lose her in the turn. I'll get her!
Panama! That panama ha ha hahaha!
Ain't nothin' like it, her shiny machine.
Got the feel for the wheel, keep the moving parts clean.
*Hotshoe, burnin' down the avenue,
Got an on-ramp comin' through my bedroom.
Don't you know she's coming home with me?
You'll lose her in the turn.
I'll get her!
Yeah, we're runnin' a little bit hot tonight.
I can barely see the road from the heat comin' off of it.
Ah, you reach down, between my legs, ease the seat back.
She's blinding, I'm flying,
Right behind the rear-view mirror now.
Got the feeling, power steering. Pistons popping, ain't no stopping now.

Fucking panama.

*anyone! What's a hotshoe? For reals!?
Since I'm bored Buddy, here you go...

You interrupted a tropical vacation thousands of miles away to bitch about people bitching about shit on a blog 25 or 30 people read that was specifically created for people to bitch about shit?

Lay off the penis coladas.

PS- Haterade is good for you. Its got 'lectrolytes.
A man, a plan, an anal Panama.
Blah Blah.....get my tropical drink Jabroni or that is the last vacation for yer trust fund azz!
Hey Gringo: I suspect we'll hear from you again, when your money runs out. Does insulting Spanish speaking people and treating them like sex toys make you "become rather nostalgic, giggly and proud". How does Rob Brezny in Pronoia weigh in on that? "I looked up "Rant" all by myself and it said speak or declaim extravagantly; talk in a wild or vehement way; then stuck on the end after the semi-colon like a bump on the butt is the word "Rave". Thanks for the power of positive thinking bullocks, but kindly stuff it and let us have our fun.
We don't need raves about things in Portland- that's what we have the NYT for.
The 90's era "haterade" reference in the title prevented me from reading this rant. I hope I didn't miss anything good.