I got here 25 years ago, I own the place, paid my taxes. I see you out there 'struggling' after you crippled your employment prospects with tattoos and pierced your way out of prosperity with self directed dishevelment, plus two dogs. You decided to come here this Summer to wreck my city, so I'm going to hurt you. We overbred in the 80's not realizing technology would take out this many jobs, I get that. I had one child in '93, got a vasectomy, I'm trying to reduce resource usage, electric car, pick up after myself, buy things online from Madeinamericaforever.com. The unemployed 25-year old bum was born in the 80's, thats where they came from. Not the old guy, thats just sad and I support them with my tax dollars going to the VA, Sisters of the Road and I give to Portland Rescue Mission. But you decided to move here and disrupt the organizational characteristics we taxpayers furnished. Paying taxes is my entry fee to an organized society. You destroyed that mood, so I'm going to make it very uncomfortable for you to be here. I lost my carreer on Aug 22, 2008 and I struggled 51 months, got re-employed in 2012. The economy is turning, you need to go to work, go away. I'm in the travel industry and after I answer the rain question, its all about So. Many. (young) Homeless. I speek with German, Austrian and Costa Rican businessmen that want to move their company here, but the homeless is their biggest problem, so now your presence is hurting our economy, I'm coming after your ass. I'm Lincoln Highschools' Parent Volunteer of the Year and a lawyer told me I'm the De Facto Mayor, so move it. I bought a ticket to the stadium known as America and when I came to claim my seat, you're sitting in it. Not any more. First you're going to bleed, then you're going to leave. You threatened me first, how long did you think you could waste your life right in front of us while 13 other countries beat us in livability. NOT THE OLD GUY. I'm going to damage the 25-year-old. When I was 25 I suffered the Reagan 18% home loans then at 35, Operation Desert Storm downturn, then the dot.com crash of 2001 and I/we made our economic way out of the Bush '07-'08 downturn. You did not. You chose not to stay in Maine, California- chose not to work and damaged your body to ensure your inability to enter the economy. We have got to earn our way, then spend the money on American products so we can pull together. We are no longer the lead duck, thanks to you selfish pigfucker. You pulled us down, so I'll pull your head off. You stupid motherfucker, nobody owes you, but I will make you pay. I can't wait until its national news that young homeless should avoid Portland.