...is the "thug high school" wannbe, ganster, follower.
I don't know how else to explain these kids, but you have to know who I'm talking about.
Here are some statements I over heard as they loud bullies got on the bus when everyone was just trying to enjoy the ride.

"The bus driver was a bitch."
"I went hard on him."
"Listen nigga."
"His uncle better get the stuff, or he's a bitch."
"My mom won't even let me have a bitch in the house."

Oh my. I could've shot myself in the head, and been okay with it.
What the fuck are these kids doing out of school at 12:30. When I was in school, I was there from 7am-3pm. Now school is more like college. One class a day. Teachers can't discipline because everything is so politically correct. It's wrong to discipline. Kids have it so easy.