Passive aggressive pedestrian on Hawthorne. Look, I know my car was partially in the crosswalk, I drove it there. Mainly so I could see whether or not I could turn right and merge with traffic, but also so I could aid in the public display of your thespian skills. See, I knew you were going to walk into the side of my car like it wasn't there and then act surprised. Looking at the car, then the crosswalk, then the walk sign in utter disbelief. When I asked if you were on " the drugs" it wasn't a sarcastic reply to your stageshow, it was a request for encore. And after the immediate, yet still silent reenactment of your prior performance my final comment of, " Guess you're just an idiot" was the resounding applause you fully deserve.
With acting chops like those, it's a wonder you can't afford sleeves for your shirt.