Canada you disappoint! You send Cirque du Soleil down to hipsterville with their inviting yellow and blue tent only to traipse one sorry-assed cultural and gender stereotype across their trampolines, after another? What the hell? I spent $360 dollars trying to bring the family together and the only thing we could agree on, sitting in the ever-inviting tent eating delicious archetypal popcorn, was how wince-inducing the acts were. Yeah, the hoop dances were cool. And felt authentic. But after that, the white men in black-skin suits were painful. I tried not to look at their wrists, really I did. “Please be black, please be black…” But no: white hands gave them away despite the grass Mohawks.
I. Did. Not. Enjoy. The trapeze act with the should-have-a-trigger-warning theme of an overbearing man who refused to give the woman space when she obviously did not want to touch him. And what choice did she have, 25 feet above the stage? Nightmarish.
Please, enough with the pelvic thrusts on the insecure skinny Italian clown! Are we in fourth grade?

Note to Cirque: if you are making a show about cultural diversity, use cultural diversity in its creation. “Founder and Creative Guide”: white guy (named “Guy”). “Artistic Guide”: white guy. “Writer and Director”: white guy. “Director of Creation”: white guy. “Set and Props Designer”: white guy. “Costume Designer”: White gal. “Composers and Musical Designers”: two white guys. Sound, Image and lighting designers: more white guys.