Heard the news today, oh boy. 3000 dead in Iraq since the beginning of the year. Yikes! Betcha Fox News watchers haven't heard about that little factoid, eh? Of course not. You know, these Righties make excuse after excuse for Bushes blunders, hell, they've even managed to convince their minions that the recession was Obama's fault. Wha?! Shit started crumbling in 2006-2007 and Obama took office in 2008… so, in what delusional world was it Obama's fault? These people live in an alternate reality, I tell you. 80% percent of the nations poorest counties are white, rural ones and mainly in the Southern states. So, them ol' Republican governors sure are doing a bang up job there. How about the fact that the Republicans have not put forth a single jobs bill the entire time Obama's been in office? And still, they blame Obama for the slow job growth. Not only that, but they've blocked all the ones the Democrats have proposed. And they'll still make excuses, change the subject, name-call… etc. I just don't get it, I really don't. I'm not the biggest Obama fan, by the way, but hell if I won't choose him over any Republican any day. And all you Conservatives here in Portland: Feel free to move away to any Republican state any time now, we won't miss you.