I lived on NW 21st for nearly a decade. I became jaded to my idea of "Portland girls" (admittedly I never strayed far from my NW hood), most just looked like Cali exports or Portland girls mimicking that look. Then I moved to Old Town and holy fuck - beautiful women everywhere. All this time I thought Old Town was some ghetto crackhead neighborhood.. well it is, but to quote Dave Chappelle, "these white people aint scared of us no more". Beautiful girls, covered with tattoos (that aren't cherry blossom sleeves and butterflies and flowers), with fucked up hair and huge tits and awesome personalities and can hold a conversation and be funny as fuck and charismatic and genuine. I used to get stared down by fake ass Jennifer Aniston types in NW, bunch of bully ass beauties in yoga pants who mean mugged everyone in their path. But these Old Town girls are some next level shit. Most Portland women would throw the biggest tantrum if some bum head crack fiend hugged up on them all frazzled out, but these girls laugh and strike up a convo. Old Town is the last vestige of real Portland. I love my new home.