That is right, I did structural work to my house without a permit. Why? Because Portland's permit system is a fucking scam. I learned on an earlier project that the inspectors put homeowners through the ringer, forcing you to do the job to the letter of the law. At the same time, if you hire a contractors in bed with the city, then the literally do not even check the work. I has an electrical contractor who did a job and did it in a way that was way easier than the way the department of Building Services told me was required, and the inspector who couldn't keep an appointment didn't even check their work. So time to sell the house, and the buyer want that shit permitted, not realizing the permit system in Portland is a joke. So, the contractors complemented me on my work, the structural engineer I had to hire gave my work his blessing, yet to get a permit, we had to install a completely non structural post that accomplished nothing (it was 6 inches from the foundation). I keep my mouth shut till we closed, but seriously, fuck you Portland permit system, you are a worthless piece of shit that just runs up housing costs in the city for no fucking good reason. Fuck you for making me spend an extra $1500 for fucking nothing. I wish there was something I could do to fuck you back.