I live in the Kenton area and have been awakened more than once by the sound of helicopters flying back and forth, back and forth over my neighborhood. These "news choppers" fly over the I-5 to bring the people the important news of traffic jams on the freeway. WOW. It's worth waking up an entire neighborhood to fly around and around a line of traffic because the PEOPLE MUST KNOW! "Oh wow, look at that, honey, a traffic jam!" "WHAT? A traffic jam?! We must alter our course post haste! Thank you dear news chopper, thank you." I wonder if that pilot goes to bed every night proud of the difference he's made in the world? All that training, perhaps even having combat experience flying over "hot zones" in the mountains of Afghanistan… all so he can circle a fucking freeway so that some fat camera guy can film a line of idle cars. Sleep my dear hero pilot, sleep and dream of your children having such deep pride for their father WHO FLIES OVER TRAFFIC JAMS AND WAKES UP ENTIRE NEIGHBORHOODS! FUCK YOU NEWS CHOPPER!