Or so it is called, I have noticed since moving to the west cost almost 2 decades ago, that you get a lot of the California No on the west coast. Apparently being passive aggressive is acceptable in west coast culture. People are just too much of pussies to straight up tell you, "no thanks," "not going to work out," "not what we are looking for" "I don't like that." Instead you get fucking nothing from these assholes. At least on the east coast, you know where you stand with people, because they straight up tell you with out a bunch of sugar coating. Are the egos so fragile, the psyche so woefully underdeveloped on the west coast that you can't hear "no"? Let me tell you what you get when you do shit like this. You get resentment and a loss of respect for you as a person. All it makes me feel is that you are too much of a crippled child in the shell of an adult, an elitist fucktard, lacking enough self awareness to be a decent person. And being too busy or claiming you forget it just a weak ass excuse for a bunch of impotent pussies too scared to be straight with people. Fucking endemic in this town, and on the west coast generally. Portland is pretty small, so there is a good chance I will run into your dumb ass again, and the first thing I will remember is what a fucking idiot you are.