I understand you. Life can be so hard nowadays. But the way that some of you act - and I mean YOU, iPod Generationers - leaves me no hope for the future. Take banking, for instance. When did calling up your bank/credit union and being a total asshole to the person that is trying to help you become a fashionable norm? Did I overdraw your bank account at the 24 hour Taco Bell drive thru last night? Nope. How do you call a financial institution up and not know your bank account number? Common psychology accepts the fact that our brains retain up to 7-digit numbers with ease. Has EDM and reality TV augmented your brain to suboptimal functionality? Furthermore, how do you not know your social security number or other basic ID questions? AND how do you not know these and then get mad when we can't give you any account information due to a lack of positive identification? I cringe when I verify your birth date and its after 1990 because chances are you're going to say something so mind-numbingly retarded that I will almost pass out due to second-hand stupid. Oh, and it's a check-ING account, as in singular, not 'checkings.' Is this stuff not being taught in schools anymore? How is it that I see more idiot 20-somethings with firebombed credit ratings now than ever before? A sub-500 rating at this stage of your life is like a fucking noose. Put down the glass pipe, turn down the Skrillex and grow a fucking brain. Signed, your financial service representatives the whole world over.