You are fucking annoying. You stand out on sidewalks and harass people for either signatures of money. When I see you running up to me, clipboard in hand, I usually just say "NO," and keep walking. Sometimes, you will reply with a passive-aggressive comment, but that's usually the end of our interaction. Today was different. Today, when I was walking to get lunch, I saw a perky, petition-toting brunette across the street. I gave her my usual "no" and kept walking. As I walked past her, she grabs me by the shoulder, and pulls me over to face her, then starts yammering about GMO's. I really don't care what you're trying to accomplish. If you fucking GRAB me and pull me closer to you, I WILL swat you in the face to get free, just like I did today. Do not EVER lay your greasy, crumb-covered fingers on me again or I will shove that clipboard up your butt.