I first saw your smudgy fingerprints on my phone last week after I forgot it on my desk and went to lunch. I'm borderline OCD about keeping the screen of my phone clean and I cleaned it off right before I left for lunch. I come back and see a swipe smudge and then little fingerprints from someone trying out different codes. WHAT THE FUCK? Who does this type of shit? I'm the low one on the corporate ladder, so what are my options? Make a big deal about it and come off as completely nuts? Who's going to believe me, anyway? I've obsessed about this for a week so I decide to intentionally leave my phone on my desk and leave. I did that yesterday, and what did I find? The same shit: someone trying to unlock my phone! Do I get a pinhole camera now? Do I hide under my desk George Costanza-style? Yes, I know just remembering to take my phone is the ultimate solution (which I will do from now on), but what about the fact that some creep was trying to unlock it? Isn't this kind of thing illegal? Since I know me, and I know I'm going to be obsessing over this forever, I've taken to researching spy cameras and will seriously consider getting this guy fired.