In the Pearl this morning: nothing seriously obnoxious just lighthearted sing song at some folks to stir the pot a little on a somber temporily cloudy sunday morning.

Lighthearted Mockery victim number 1: i could see there was something wrong with you you big old stafford terrier mix from 3 blocks away as you crossed hoyt heading towards glisan: big pink butterfly wings on your master had attached to you. Why? i don't know but yes "you are a silly doggie yes a very silly doggie!"

Lighthearted Mockery victim number 2: very serious gentleman, bearded, standing at the corner of flannery waiting to cross 10th. I didnt really mock you i just said "Hey Hey now, hey hey". You cocked your head to me as if to say huh?

Lightheared Mockery victims number 3,4,5: you three fellas running at 90% top speed across Glisan in Tandem, why didnt you just hold hands for safety?
Sure i was the only driver on glisan for miles and you could have walked before i got there but it inspired me to sing you a mother goose style line at you: "Bros of a feather scamper together!".

Good morning Pearl people!