Typical Portland inertness. Instead of talking to me about things, about whatever it was you convinced yourself you knew about me, you turned into a fucking robot and shut down and turned out. Please let me just let you know, you have no idea who I am, because you never attempted to know. You have no idea what type of life I've lived. You were a horrible listener, and mostly talked about yourself and your future accomplishments.

And just when I went to unfollow you on fb due to your tireless navel-gazing and pathetic attempts to couch yourself squarely in the category "oppressed", I noticed that you had unfriended me. Good riddance.

You talked about all the progress you were making, all the articles you were reading. How smart you were getting. I couldn't help but think then and now about how you're just a middle-class, egotistical ass, who has had everything provided to and for you, and now that you've decided to look into a world outside of Burning Man (a fucking vacation for richy-rich fucktards who fancy themselves artists) you feel it necessary to size everyone up by their particular privilege. But tell me, what do you do after that, other that pat yourself and your friends on the back (in person and online)? Let me guess— nothing.

There are people out there with real problems that don't revolve around theory circle-jerks. Just because you can talk the talk, doesn't mean you can walk the walk.

Good luck with all of your "activism".