The 4th of July is an antiquated holiday and the use of fireworks should be banned altogether. It's not like, we, as a country unite on this day and truly celebrate this fine oligarchy we live in, no. It's a day for people to get drunk and make pretty colors go boom. There are no positives to shooting off small explosives, only negatives: Fireworks produce smoke and dust that contain various heavy metals, sulfur-coal compounds and other noxious chemicals. Barium, for instance, is used to produce brilliant green colors in fireworks displays, despite being poisonous and radioactive. Their use also deposits physical litter on the ground and into water bodies for miles around. This so-called "day of celebration" creates tragic events and injuries resulting from fireworks use and is both traumatizing and harmful to children, animals, and a growing number of war veterans. And let us not forget the countless FIRES people cause by shootin' this shit off. It's a stupid way to celebrate this holiday and I say we put the ban of fireworks up for a vote. No intelligent human being can logically say that in this day and age, we need to create more pollution under the guise of celebrating the birth of this country. Who's with me?