My office mate seems to be unreasonably sensitive and I have no clue on how to handle it anymore. This is a weekly scenario - I'm in the zone, doing my research, glued to my computer screens while juggling phone calls. She starts asking me a bazillion questions about nothing, "What are your plans this weekend?" "What'd you do over the weekend?" "Seeing anyone special these days?"
I politely tell her, "I'm super busy and don't have any time for chit chat right now. Sorry."
Five minutes will pass than she says this every fucking time. "Is everything ok? You seem mad?"
What happened to working at work? When did it become mandatory to bullshit and small talk? I'm the type of person that keeps my personal life outside of the office. Nothing is wrong with me. I'm not mad.
I feel like I've explained this and am fed up with being questioned if I'm ok when I don't want to bullshit with my office mate.