Dumb and Dumber, you approached me last night (June 16) in deep SE while I was smoking on my friends back porch to ask if I would buy 40's for you at the 7-11 across the street. Please learn this lesson: when approaching a person you haven't met before, ESPECIALLY if you are going to ask them for a favor, you might want to start by respecting their gender identity. Was it my makeup, fake tits or short skirt and tights that made you think I would respond well to being "Sir-ed"? I wouldn't have bought beer for you anyways because I was in the middle of watching Con Air with my buds, but if you had addressed me with some respect I might have at least considered it. If this exchange was any indication of your social skills in general then you guys have some learning to do if you ever hope to be smooth enough to lose you virginity. "You were 17 once right?" Yeah, but I don't remember being that clueless.