I'm sorry for whatever kind of shitty day/life you were/are having. I'm sorry that my riding my bike home from an 12-hour shift made you so angry you had to roll down the window on your giant suburban wide-as-fuck vehicle to tell me to get out of your seemingly very important way.

You see, the road we were both traveling on has a bike lane, but that bike lane disappears for 50 feet or so and that single lane turns into two lanes with one being a right turn only lane. Seeing as I am not turning right I stay in the albeit short left lane. I know with that crosswalk meridian island thing there on the left the road gets quite narrow, and when I ride through this section every day I stay as far to the right in the lane as I can without veering into the right hand turn lane.

But that isn't good enough for you, obviously.

Rather than slowing down for the five seconds it takes me to clear this part of the road you tried to squeeze by me at 35+ miles an hours - which you should know, is totally illegal for a couple of different reasons, and totally put my life at risk.

I heard your tires bark as you grazed the center divider and couldn't help but shake my head. Seriously, you turned on the very next street, what the fuck was the big hurry?