I think this store clerk has it in for me. Being a person of color, I didn't want to assume that his attitude towards me has anything to do with my race, but it's leaning more and more in that direction. I first noticed his attitude while waiting in line behind two other shoppers. Each of these people (who happened to be white) received a "Hello" upon approaching, a "how is your day?" while being rung up and a "thank you" while handed the receipt. Me? I got nothing from this guy. Not a "hello," not a "how was your day?" and not even a "thank you." Nothing. Now I'm not one to expect a full conversation from cashiers, in fact, I'd prefer if they didn't attempt any idle chit-chat. But, I do expect a simple hello and thank you. The second time I came around, I took special note of his behavior towards other shoppers and then me. Again: not a peep, not even a response to my hello and thank you. He rang me up, handed me the receipt and that was it. As I was walking out the door, I heard him say to the next shopper a friendly "hello." At that point, I began to suspect that it might have something to do with race. Since then, I've intentionally avoided his line, but I sometimes see him staring at me from across the stands. Never a smile, just this weird stare. He kind of creeps me out and makes me want to stop shopping there altogether. Friendliest Store in Town, my ass.