Aside from the blatant bigotry, I really wish people would make the effort to respect one's gender identity. I identify as a glittery fem-boy gender fluid accepting towards all except cishets (I'm sorry cis people). When I was a teen, I identified as both androsexual and demisexual (demi-androsexual), then in my early twenties, I found myself at a crossroads between skoliosexual (attracted to genderqueer and transsexual people) and gynesexual/gynephilic (attracted to females, women, and/or femininity). Things got a little "easier" in my mid-twenties and I found myself experimenting with adrosexuality (which isn't just attraction to men {and certainly not just attraction to cismen}, it's attraction to all things manly, which would not only cover post transition men, but also women expressing as men). We all have our own journeys, so don't assume I want to be labeled a "he/him/his," I only respond to the pronouns such as zir, zim, zey (Transgender, genderqueer, and other gender-variant people {LGBTTIQQ2SA people} may choose different pronouns for themselves; please be mindful of this). Gendered pronouns makes you sound completely out of touch, so look up the Spivak model for gender-neutral third person pronouns
(ey/em/eir/eirs/eirself) for an example. Or use Ne” is n+(he or she), “nem” is n+her+him, “nir” isn+him+her. “Ve” is another good option, without a specific bias towards either gender. Become a real human being, educate yourself and be RESPECTFUL- it's not that hard.