I went on vacation recently and brother, was it a blast. I did the same as I do every year: Went on down to Raleigh, NC and got myself that corner room at the Y. After settling in a bit, I put on my pongee shirt, went downstairs and got a haircut and a shoeshine. Afterwards, I hung around the lobby for a spell, watched a few ping-pong games until it was time for supper, so I went to the coffee shop and had myself the special, which consisted of vienna sausage with tomato sauce. After supper, I stayed right there at the Y and had a hard time deciding on a show, a movie, or hearing a lecture on sportsmanship and cleanliness…I chose the lecture. When it was over, I had a tapioca and hot chocolate and then it was time for bed. Boy howdy, it was one wingding of a time.