When I came home at 3am after working the graveyard shift, I'm sorry if I'm still in the mood to rock and I guess I'm 'sorry' for waking you up. I like listening to my music very loud when I drive and if my song isn't finished by the time I get home, I'll sit in my car and finish it. It's how I decompress from my work and I'm real sorry if it "bothers" you. You butting your nose into my business bothers me, but you don't see me yelling at you. And if I can save $40+ a month by not having garbage service, who are you to say anything? I'll dispose of that household garbage stacked on my side yard when I get around to it; it's none of your concern. When my girlfriend and I decide to work out our differences in the front yard, which sometimes gets a bit "passionate," we would ask you to not stare…that's just rude. Like stated above, I'm a music lover, and EXCUSE ME for messing around with the equalizer on my car stereo throughout the day. I'm trying to find just the right mixture of sound and in order to do this, I have to turn it up for hours on end… LEAVE ME ALONE. And when my multiple tenants (who are also music lovers) park their numerous cars on the block, I would ask that you not tattletale to the city… I'm trying to supplement my income, IF you must know. And by the way, I simply denied the city inspector access to my house, so your "illegal rental" complaint went nowhere. Ha! I just wish you people would mind your own business; Portland is the nosiest town!