I live in the Kenton area and Portland International Raceway (PIR) has to be the worst city-sponsored event EVER. I moved here about a year ago and nobody told me about this raceway. After hearing the first race of the summer (which went on until 11:00 at night), I spoke with my neighbor and she informed of just what it was. Today, I was awakened at 8:00am to the sound of cars racing, and it's STILL GOING as I type this. Good God, what hell is this?! I don't get a tax break from this city funded noise pollution, and I don't get any peace in the only place where I should expect it: MY HOME. Engines roaring all day long and what, am I supposed to leave my home? How on earth in this day and age, with climate change taking us to the brink of extinction, why we'd still be driving cars real fast in a circle as a form of entertainment is beyond me. Why didn't my realtor reveal this HORROR?! Fuck PIR.