Why is it that most people who comment on the internet are always negative? No matter what somebody writes, there's an army of people there to criticize, complain or otherwise demean the author. From a human behavior perspective, it's a fascinating study. I would love to live in the world in which these people reside, where nothing is wrong, no one (except authors of posts) is an asshole, it's always the person who is vocalizing a concern's fault and the correct and indisputable answer is always a sentence away written by the almighty commentor. Don't get me started on hypothesizing over whether these people have jobs…for one who religiously logs into a website all hours of the day must have a lot of time on their hands. And it's weird how some take special pride in being a "top commentor," like normal people see that as some kind of achievement. Commentors seem to be angry, sad and self-righteous individuals. But, feel free to prove me wrong: