Well, I looked into it. It usually means; time done in prison (solitary, especially) or murdering someone. Stuff like that. So many local skinny chode-ish dudes have them, it's pathetic! 23 yo ish today with perfect teeth, delivering coffee by bike. Or guy handing me a 1/4 pound of expensive local chèvre'.

Spider web tattoos!

I'm pretty sure most of you(them) walked into a some shop and ordered it like I did with my groceries. "I'll take the spider web on the elbow and a swallow on my hand. And also, I'd like to put more down on my lay-away deposit for the neck tattoo"

"Also, the bad ass bar increased so I may need to start another layaway on something on my face, like an anchor or umbrella under my eye"

Get original. Get real. Get "ster" on your your hip bone. You fuckin costume wearing food cart eatin, arms folded at rock shows with endless dough...