We tried to go camping, but had to come home early due to all the trashy people. Music and yelling until 11:30 and that was all I could stand, so I went over to these campers and asked politely if they could be quiet. They told me to fuck off. I asked again and told them I have two kids who couldn't sleep. I got blank stares… the silent treatment. So, I turned away and went back to my tent. I thought about getting my axe and once again walking over, but that would have been stupid. I thought about packing up at midnight and heading home, but in the dark? So, I instead got my camera and snuck around their site videotaping these idiots from all angles. Morning came and we packed up. These drunk fools were all passed out, and before we left, I drove right up to their site and blew my car's horn until I saw a hungover, squinty-eyed face peek out of the tent. I gave them the bird and then left. I hate this holiday and the so-called "Americans" who celebrate it. Trashy-ass people who will use any excuse to get drunk and impose their dysfunction onto the world. God Bless 'merica.