Dear shaved-headed, tank topped, self-important asshole at the Blues Fest's Joan Osborne/Holmes Bros. show: a blanket and backpack left unattended for 1.5 shows (60+ minutes) on an unreserved, front row, bench seat in the shade on an 86 degree day, doesn't equal "we're sitting here" or "we only went for a beer." Fuck you asshole.

That's why I wouldn't give up my 1 of 3 seats your shit consumed when you and your idiot wife showed up in the middle of the set. And why I refused to acknowledge your righteous indignation and bullying. Fuck you asshole.

I really enjoyed the show from "your seat' you "dick".

p.s., the reason your passive, idiot wife wore out your lap after 5 minutes is she's too fat from years of eating your abusive bullshit. She's probably cheating on you, you selfish bully. And yes, Jesus Loves You, brother.