its time to take up the fight against our oppressers if you haven't heard. civil war was declared on july fourth, two thousand and forteen! for a little bit i thought myself and f a few of my friends were the only ones seeing things the way they we're. obummer has taken this country down the toilet with his socialist agenda and its about time people bigger than myself decided to do something about it!!! i'm not sure if the mercury will let me post a link that isn't liberal/socialist/democRAT/communistic in nature, so just goodle '"urgent declaration of civil war!!!!!! july 4th 2014! urgent!'" and you will find the truth. i know, i know, its weird that there was no conservative backlash or uproar anytime W. bush was in office, but now that obummers in office, it's time to do something about stuff. either way, im packing my bags today and heading south to a southern state to find my breatheren and take up the good fight. not sure exactly where to find them, but i'm sure if i just land in tennessee or alabama or whereever, i'll find my kindred and kin. i hear the bbque is good in the south, so i can't wait to try sum. maybe i can be appointed secretary of state or something in the new governement, that would be so coool.