I'm on a break from work, there we are. I'm on my day off, there we are. Hopelessness everywhere. I used to be optimistic. These useless people who live off of other people's fortune or well being is literally why the human race will forever be hopeless.

How can there be so many people out roaming downtown Portland at 1:30pm? How can there be so many people out in the grocery stores at noon? Or shopping at Target?
Where does the dough come from? How is the fatass able to smoke her cig on the porch at 130pm?

Summer vacation? In school? A day off? Working the graveyard? You people are not working. I can tell by looking at you. There is no way you have a job to support yourself, buy your luxuries, and stand outside the grocery store for 30 minutes, smoking your cigarettes, looking as fucked up as you do. It's poverty. It's trash. It's people on welfare, Unemployment, Foodstamps, Social Security, or an inheritance. Maybe a VA check? Maybe retired?
I'm down with people on hard times too. But I'm not down with someone claiming how hard life is, when from the moment they woke up, all they had to do was do nothing. And then carry on like the world is tough on you, and not giving you a break, when you do nothing. You are useless. You always will be. Good for absolutely nothing except mooching.
People throw out rotten apples. People even kick them. Why can't I kick you and throw you out?