Fuck! For all of my years spent in the gay, drag & trans community, never have i encountered such bizarre, PC policing of language.
Maybe i'm an "old" ( closing in on 40) , but back then, in the City days, fag was fine. Queen was fine. Tranny was fine. Because those were all words that were used within the community.
Now, they're all offensive. Now, i have to carry around a bible of pronouns to describe what each & every flower may feel that they are. If i get it wrong? Whistle blown, PC police called. This one is zim, that one is we ~ shame on me for not knowing!
And god forbid i refer to myself as a man or a woman. The gender that i was born with is now redefined by those who identify differently. Calling myself a woman now hurts a man's feelings? Because maybe he might "identify" as a woman someday? WTF? So, i am "cis-gendered". Says fucking who?
Whatever, guess i'm an old. Times have changed. i just hope that i'll be dead soon because there is no way that i can keep up with how i am allowed to refer to others, let alone my own self.