I came home today after being gone for 3 days and what do I find? My car splattered with bird shit. This is not uncommon on my block, if you leave your car sitting for more than 24 hours, birds with shit on it. And why are these birds grouping together in one area? Because of the crazy bird lady across the street. She has multiple feeders in her front yard (god knows how many in the back), makes small piles of seed in the parking strip and throws at least two loaves of bread onto the street itself. This attracts a multitude of birds, from pigeon to seagull to fucking crows (as well as other animals at night like raccoons and possums). I've talked to her before (as well as other neighbors) but it's like talking to a brick fucking wall. She doesn't get it, she's in her own delusional world with this bird feeding. It's like OCD or something, she can't stop. The neighbor directly next to her is now complaining about rats coming from her yard and I swear to god, if I get them, I'm going to freak the fuck out!! What kind of mindset is this obsessive bird feeding? I beginning to hate that little old lady across the street and the birds she attracts. Isn't there a law against such a thing, or are we to be held prisoner by this woman?