In reference to the ''sharing economy'' business creating affordable housing issues as well as the citation plan for 'violators' peeing on sidewalks and seeking a place to sleep at night: bunker style housing as a solution to affordable housing for homeless; 200-300 bunk beds at $200 a month = profit for state instead of wasted money on programs that don't work, no more all day lines, stashing bags in bushes, 5pm curfews for grown men, disrespectful mission staffers, and enforced chapel services. No more real estate investors making life impossible, no more cops treating homeless like criminals, and less needles left for kids to step on in public parks.

independence and responsibility with affordability and a sense of community (which is what leads many homeless who have no family back to the street).

Additionally, it may help to hold real estate investors in check from skyrocketing apartment/ housing costs like some are concerned will happen in response to the ''sharing economy'' business.

I wonder why in all the towns I've been to I've never seen it tried because it's a win-win-win....except for real estate investors who are the biggest supporters of the Penguin (batman). It all makes sense now.

The system needs a change. ironically one should profit off the homeless to help them; how else would the idea survive and spread in a capitalistic society in a recession?