two young people 20 yrs ago had a dream. I know them well. They went to Israel before they took the chance of never making it. If they had waited, they would have never made it. For Sure!

Leave of absence from their company, gathered money from their small profit sharing,and good-bye to family and friends.

They grew up to have memories of Israel that won't go away.

He worked inspecting bananas, and she worked for the the tourism dept. To get there to live from the States, they had to have a bundle of paperwork cleared.

They were allowed to stay 6 months on a working visa. After the 6 months,they had to go to Jordan for 30 days to be cleared to come back for another 6 months,which they did. The pay was terrible. The year they spent was like no other. They were able to go to Church, and being Catholic, worshipped in a beautiful Church in Jerusalem.

At the time, it was the safest time in IsraeL.They lived on a kibbutz Just outside Tel-Aviv-They are not very old now, A lot braver,and so glad they took the trip before all turmoil that happened. Both sides better get their act together. Real Soon.