You think I want to pay chintzy money but then have to be serviced by formulaic people at Men's Wearhouse? I have met a lot of people in my travels. That is right, this old timer from Anvik has been to seven different countries as a salesman for nunsenses. Everywhere I go, people tell me that Men's Wearhouse is the worst and shitmeister company in the world. At first I thought they were joking, but now I realize how true it is. You can hem and haw or try to dick me off saying that I am just a tree hugging old man. But deep down, when you start to look at yourself and your business, you will realize that what I am writing here is true. You know that Men's Wearhouse is just full of dick! You know that everyday when you pull into that parking lot in Houston that you hate it there and you hate what your cheesedick customer service reps are doing to this country and to me. One day you will contract herpes simplex like I did and then we'll see how great life is.

Like a three dollar whore in Thailand, you have no respect for anybody in this world. You won't be happy until Men's Wearhouse has thanked and crushed everyone that I love . And now my blood pressure is up and I can't write anymore. I expect a full apology from Men's Wearhouse before next Sunday. I want it written on your official company letterhead and signed by George Zimmer personally You will be hearing from my lawyer.