You jumped off before i could debunk your quote: about "the people get the government they deserve" It was actually Joseph de Maistre's, not Jefferson's or Tocqueville's. De Maistre, who served as ambassador of Sardinia in St Petersburg in Russia during the Napoleonic wars, wrote "Toute nation a le gouvernement qu'elle merite": "Every nation has the government which it is fit for". Writing concerning the reforms Tsar Alexander I was introducing in Russia at the time, de Maistre thought that the Russian people were not ripe for them. Maybe most Americans are stupid, but they are not early 19th Century Russian serfs. Most Americans have some sort of education, and make claim to their rights under the Constitution. De Maistre didn't trust written constitutions, nor democracy. Alexander I with his reforms, de Maistre felt, was trying to graft Western European practices unto an unsuitable Russian root. Perhaps as expected, Alexander abandoned his efforts, as other tsars had before him, when some Russians, like the Decembrists of 1825, demanded more than what Alexander was willing to give. Also quit with the fake eyewear to attract reed chicks. The clear lenses give it a way.