FACT: Under Bush, Government spending went from 2 trillion in 2002 to approximately 3.5 trillion at the end of his presidency. Under Obama, spending has gone from 3.5 trillion to approximately 3.7 trillion. Regardless, Obama gets all the credit for Bush's drunken sailor spending habits. FACT: Obama inherited Bush's deficit of 1.4 trillion and has brought it down to less than half a trillion. According to your average Right-wing talking head: It's all Obammy's fault, boy howdy. FACT: During Bush's last year, the country went from hemorrhaging 850,000 jobs a month to gaining approximately 200,000 jobs under Obama. Remember: Not only are these FACTS absent from any Right-wing conversation, the positive changes listed here were all accomplished WiTHOUT any Republican help whatsoever. In fact, they've tried to block any and all growth, for they desperately want Obama to fail. Is Obama perfect? Fuck now… I wish he'd shove his agenda down the throats of the American people like Republicans always do. No, he tried to compromise for too long, all the while the Republicans had no intention of making things better for the average working person. And what's with this whole "Obummer wanna take 'way yer guns" thing? Gun laws have actually loosened under Obama and yet I can't find any .22 long rifle ammo in this town to save my life all because a sea of rednecks are stockpiling the shit. For being so-called "real Americans," they sure are afraid of their own shadow!