Portland is too white? What contrived B.S. that is! Fried chicken, corn bread and watermelon should not be considered offensive to anyone. It is part of the African-American culture whether some mocked it or not in the past - they still eat and enjoy that food. It's real food and nutritious that all ethnic groups enjoy every day. Why the heck are certain people offended? Just because they are ultra-sensitive to anything that may appear to be a slur to the ultra sensitive? It's time for other groups to show similar sensitivities then and see where this country goes. Some places offer corned beef and cabbage and beer to adults on St. Patrick's Day...I don't see the Irish getting all upset, despite people using it in most cases to disparage the Irish. Also, when there are Asian-related events, people are quick to serve rice and sushi with chop sticks and fortune cookies — sometimes to belittle them as well and it can be insulting to some proud Asian-Americans. Stereotyping Jews occurs all the time too - just ask them. I hope the tables turn soon.