One of my biggest pet peeves are dumb-ass cyclists.

Here's an example.
Yesterday, I decided to visit a friend who lives in Eastmoreland.
I left my buddy's house about 5:30PM, at the height of the Woodstock Blvd "rush hour".
As I was going east on Woodstock in stop and go traffic, some guy in a recumbent bike decided to shoot off the sidewalk into the eastbound lane by Mickey Finn's.

This guy is in a recumbent bike, so it is very low to the ground.
Although he had a flag, it was only about three feet high, and faded yellow, so even that was barely visible.
You just plain couldn't see the guy unless you were very vigilant.

He decided that the best place to be was that narrow strip between moving traffic and the parked cars.
In the most congested part of Woodstock, during the busiest traffic time of the day.
As I watched him, I hoped that no one would open their car door on him.
The sidewalk was almost completely empty, by the way.

So he slooooowly peddled his bike down Woodstock.
He didn't even bother to match traffic speed, which was really slow to begin with.
People didn't see him until they were right on him.
Drivers were swerving around him.
Drivers would go very very slowly behind him as it was very dangerous, and he would wave them around him.
He got honked at.
He got yelled at.
The people in front of Putter's yelled at him to get off the road before he got killed.