I've been reading the I/A blog for about a year. The Rants are good and sometimes not so good and I love the way you commenters address them with humor and venom. However a few of you are wrong and cold when a Rant comes in telling a serious problem. Some of you almost revel when someone tells a miserable tale. First thing some of you say is this not the place for that kind of problem. Did Steve Humphrey give you badges and the authority to decide what is and isn't a problem or question I/A should cover? [WM. STEVEN HUMPHREY RESPONDS: No, I did not. I don't even have any badges.] You pigs have been watering at this trough so long you think you own it.
A young lady writes about a stalker threatening her with a butcher knife and she and her daughter move to Portland to get away from him, but he follows her out here. Most of you were supportive. A couple of you Jeez. One said she should not be submitting this "Breaking News" this is not the police website and another defended the poor little ol stalker.Tell me that commenter's not a stalker himself.
I also notice that when one of you regulars, that the others look up to as a "Literary God", makes that censoring innuendo, you lemmings will follow suit and "kiss said ass" by piling on the poor ranter and picking them apart to impress. I know the I/A is basically just a tool for "shits and giggles" but if something serious comes in treat it so....if you know how.