I was walking my dogs when I noticed the multi -unit sale. I was looking for a place to tie my beloved canines up when you said "bring your dog's in, we love dogs". I went against my better judgment and brought my dogs into your hipster garage sale.You said, "let me hold your dog's so you can look around". I have MS, so I prefer my dogs close, but i gave in. One of my dogs peed a little on some plastic wrapped items. "They are peeing on everything" another hipster yelled. I rushed over, offered to pay for any damage. The girl who owned the stuff said "no, everything's fine" a nasty harpies hipsters started yelling "get out, you've done enough". Some strange milk toast boy hipster said "you know, it's a lot of pee". Again I offered to pay - again girl involved said no...what the fuck is wrong with you people.